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Tiny Home Solar

Off-Grid Solar Power Solutions

Reliable.  Sustainable.  Portable.

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Big Power, Small Space

With PM Green Energy's patented ROGUE solar technology you don't have to worry about having a large area to generate enough power to satisfy the electrical needs of your tiny home.   You can rest assured knowing you have reliable power day and night.


No Grid, No Problem

Free from the constraints of being grid or generator (and fuel) dependent, you can harvest, store and convert solar energy on-site, making your tiny home self-sustaining.  Now it's easy being green!

Desert Road

Remote Freedom

Power anytime, anywhere. Unlike other systems, the Rogue allows you to use stored power whenever or wherever you need it. You have the freedom to enjoy areas where power is unavailable, unreliable or unclean, without leaving any of the comforts of home behind.  

Contact us for system selection and pricing and get a FREE custom quote for your tiny home.

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Located in Madison, Mississippi

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