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As survivors of Hurricane Katrina we know first-hand the pain and loss of living through a catastrophic storm that decimates communities and destroys lives.  The aftermath of the storm, with its lack of infrastructure and life-saving necessities like shelter, refrigeration, hot water and sanitary conditions compounded the suffering we saw and impeded recovery, even for those with gas generators as there was no fuel available.

It was during that period when the seed of an idea germinated:  Why isn’t there a self-powered housing unit that doesn’t need gas or external utility connections?  

Our solution? We created a solar-powered, portable temporary housing unit (THU) that is compact, energy-efficient, incredibly durable, designed for reuse and capable of functioning completely off-grid. It is designed to specifically address the needs, goals and missions of government agencies, first-responders, prime contractors, and humanitarian organizations. Our THU’s revolutionize the way survivors experience post-disaster recovery in areas where utilities are unavailable, unreliable, or unclean.

Our mission? First-world comfort in third-world conditions.

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