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Disaster Relief Housing

Power when the grid is down

Be prepared in the face of manmade or natural disasters


Family Housing

Temporary housing units for displaced families

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Command/Control Center

Temporary housing units for operations, logistics and communications

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First Responder Housing

Temporary housing units for working and living

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Medical Clinic

Temporary housing units designed specifically to meet the unique needs of remote medical teams


Workforce Housing

Temporary housing units for man camps and work crews

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Guard Shack

Temporary housing units designed for check point and security operations

All of our THU's are portable, operate off-grid with our patented ROGUE system and are delivered ready-for-occupancy


Self-powered housing solutions that are safe, sustainable, and stress-free so you can focus on your mission. 


Prime Contractor


Government Agency


Humanitarian Organization

PMGE’s off-grid solar housing units are delivered ready-for-occupancy so your crews can mobilize immediately and work stress-free knowing they have a quiet, sanitary, safe place to sleep and shower, with kitchen and laundry facilities, AC/heating, plus the ability to charge handheld power tools, 2-way radios, cell phones and laptops. Sustainable power day and night.

PMGE’s disaster relief housing units will help you reduce suffering, disease, and death in areas affected by natural disasters and complex emergencies.  Free from the constraints of being grid or generator (and fuel) dependent, they can operate in areas where infrastructure has been devastated by natural or manmade disasters and sustainably deliver first-world comfort in third- world conditions - day and night.

Our disaster relief housing units can help you protect life and health and ensure sanitary conditions in areas devastated by natural disasters.  Your relief workers and medical teams can administer care in a worry-free environment, knowing they will have the power they need to do their jobs.

PMGE goes to Washington

...and welcomes HUD Secretary, Dr. Ben Carson!

PM Green Energy attends the

2019 HUD innovative Housing Showcase with Core Housing Solutions

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