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Disaster Relief Housing

PM Green Energy Wins Most Innovative Technology Award

Real Solutions for Real Problems

Be prepared in the face of manmade or natural disasters


Family Housing

Temporary housing units for displaced families

noun_Business Meeting_968000.png

Command/Control Center

Built for operations, logistics, and communications

noun_Sleeping Shelter_241.png

First Responder Housing

Temporary housing units for working and living

noun_Shelter for Families_6443.png

Medical Clinic

Designed specifically to meet the unique needs of remote medical teams


Workforce Housing

Temporary housing units for man camps and work crews

noun_security guard_1481930.png

Guard Shack

Smaller units designed for checkpoint and security operations

All of our THU's are portable, operate off-grid with our patented ROGUE system and are delivered ready-for-occupancy

PMGE goes to Washington

...and welcomes HUD Secretary, Dr. Ben Carson!

PM Green Energy attends the

2019 HUD innovative Housing Showcase with Core Housing Solutions

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